About Us


Outlook EAP, Inc. is a private, for-profit Massachusetts corporation with the mission to provide comprehensive employee assistance services, training, consultation and organizational development to business and industry. Our diverse clientele include municipalities, retail, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, education, non-profits, and transportation companies. Katie Gilfeather, founder and CEO, has extensive experience in the design and delivery of EAP services within both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Our corporate headquarters are located in a restored Victorian home in the historic district of New Bedford, MA. The office provides a home-like atmosphere, has ample parking, is handicapped accessible and near public transportation. Our affiliate offices are located throughout the Southeastern MA and Rhode Island area.

The professional staff and affiliates are credentialed in the mental health and substance abuse field, and are experienced in providing employee assistance services. Our specialties include addictions, general mental health, child development, family therapy, dependent care, medical social work, law enforcement and public safety personnel, community health promotion, substance abuse professionals under the DOT, mediation, business and personal coaching, trauma recovery, critical incident stress management, labor relations, workplace violence prevention, work-life issues and several others. We have developed a large network of professionals with a broad range of specialties to compliment our extensive backgrounds.


Our Philosophy


Unlike larger, national EAPs, we have deliberately kept our services regional so as to ensure the delivery of the highest quality service. Our clients have come to rely on our responsiveness and competency to effectively address their needs.


Our service is designed and promoted as a resource, verses a mental health service, which we know effectively lessens the stigma attached to seeking assistance. We understand that whether you are an executive dealing with a corporate issue, a manager addressing an employee’s work performance, or an employee struggling with a troubled child, it is hard to ask for help.


We have built our reputation on treating each client as we would want ourselves and our family members treated. We believe our strength is found in our diversity and we bring to our work a diverse set of backgrounds, perspectives and talents.

Continuous Improvement:

We work within an environment that fosters continuous growth and learning. We solicit and listen to feedback on how to improve our services.

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