Healthy Lifestyles Seminars
The emotional and physical well-being of your employees has a tremendous impact on your company’s success.
Management Training Seminars
Innovative seminars to sharpen your leadership skills

Healthy Lifestyles Seminars

The emotional and physical well being of your employees has
a tremendous impact on your company’s success.
It’s True!

Think about the qualities of your most valued employees leaders invested in excellence who show initiative, enthusiasm, creativity, ability to work well in teams qualities that make a real difference in today’s competitive market.

These employees enjoy a sense of well being that comes through possessing effective lifeskills- the ability to communicate, be assertive, manage stress, make decisions-lifeskills that can be learned.

Outlook EAP provides comprehensive training in lifeskills-a series of wellness seminars customized specifically to address the needs of your company and its’ employees.

Our seminars are designed to be fun, informative and practical while providing your employees valuable tools to enhance their personal well being and effectiveness in the workplace.

Our instructors are chosen for their ability to actively engage adult learners, as well as for their expertise in their field.

We deliver our seminars on or off-site at times most convenient for you.

Healthy Lifestyles

Stress Management – the physical, emotional and mental impact of stress, identify your stressors, 15 techniques to immediately reduce stress

Priority Management – recognizing and establishing priorities, eliminating interference, developing lifelong management techniques

Exercise and Nutrition for Fast – Paced Living – get out of the dieting trap- learn health approaches to weight management, the benefits of an exercise program

Smoking Cessation – The American Cancer Society Fresh-Start Program – Learn the physical effects of nicotine and tar, the difference between managing habits verses dependence, managing cravings, stress management, support for quitting

Understanding Addiction – defining use, abuse and addiction, identifying addictive thinking patterns, the warning signs, the impact on families, the process of recovery

AIDS- Myths and Realities – how AIDS is and is not transmitted, what constitutes high risk behavior, why this subject is so difficult to address, how to speak intelligently to our children

Financial Management – getting out of the credit trap, money management strategies, dealing with creditors, building good credit, investing options

Anger Management – recognize the connection between our anger and health, identify triggers, appropriate expression of anger, alternative strategies to deal effectively with anger

Relationship Skills

Communication skills – components to effective communication, improving your listening skills, speaking clearly, avoiding communication stoppers, applications for personal and professional relationships

Assertiveness Skills – defining passive, assertive and aggressive behavior, identify your style, recognize the beliefs behind each style, applications for relationship enhancement and work performance, practice assertive behaviors

Couples Communication – do men and women really want different things from a partnership? The role of timing in effective communication. How to enhance your listening skills and ensure you are heard

Conflict Resolution – the use of principled negotiation to develop win-win solutions through identifying common interest and objective measures to resolve differences

Juggling Work and Home – developing resources for juggling competing needs from work and home, identifying personal beliefs that work against us, practical approaches to getting help

Parenting Styles for Children of Differing Ages – the needs of children constantly change form birth to young adults requiring us to adjust our parenting styles to effectively address the challenges presented at each stage. How to effectively motivate, encourage and discipline

Talking to Your Child About Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll – recognizing and appreciating how difficult it is to talk about intimate subjects, using the media to initiate conversations, how not to get preachy while still making your point

Finding Good Daycare – what to look for in choosing good daycare, how to know if your provider is good for your child’s current developmental needs, questions every parent should ask before choosing a provider

Care for the Caregiver – identifying personal and familiar strengths and limitations, exploring care options, addressing guilt, asking for help

Adult Children of Addicts – understanding the impact of parental addiction on current relationships and work styles, the role of recovery

Career Enhancement

Networking for Success – the importance of developing a professional and personal network, how to develop at least two networks, the use of informational interviewing

Personality Styles at the Workplace – identify your personal style, develop strategies to maximize the fit between your job and your style, working effectively as a team member, recognizing and appreciating differences within supervisors and colleagues

Dealing with Downsizing – getting mobilized after being laid off, enhancing self esteem, using existing networks, developing new contacts, defining vocational goals

Dealing with Difficult Personalities – identifying difficult behaviors in neutral terms, reasonable approaches to unreasonable people, what happens when the culprit is your boss?

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Management Training Seminars

Innovative seminars to sharpen your leadership skills

As a manager, you have the difficult task of getting the job done through your employees.
Your effectiveness depends on your ability to establish good working relationships while ensuring that your company’s expectations are being met. As a leader, there are times when you are called on to be an arbitrator, disciplinarian, counselor and motivator.

We are not born knowing how to supervise; most of us learn these skills on the job.

Training is a vital link in developing and enhancing your management capabilities, training that addresses the challenges you face managing diversity, ensuring CQI, dealing with workforce reductions, and building teams as management structures flatten.

Outlook EAP provides a wide variety of management training designed to have practical application to your workplace.

In addition to our seminars offered to the business community, we will customize any workshop to address your company’s specific needs.

Recognizing and Intervening with the Troubled Employee – a two hour workshop that addresses the supervisor’s role in identifying problematic work performance, documentation guidelines, confrontation techniques and the need for on-going monitoring

Communication and Assertiveness Skills for Middle Managers – Skillbuilding techniques for effective communication, increasing your listening capacity, learning assertive behaviors and disarming passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive subordinates, colleagues and superiors

Teambuilding – learn the strengths and weaknesses of your workstyle and those of your employees- the importance of recruiting and encouraging diversity of workstyles within your teams, engaging employees in CQI

Conflict Resolution – learn the simple yet effective art of principled negotiation to resolve conflict: identifying common interests, expanding options to include win-win solutions, developing objective criteria for evaluation

Managing Change – viewing change as opportunity, addressing employee resistance to change, implementing change in increments, increasing employee participation during change, stress management during change

Management by Objectives – establishing a realistic business plan, the importance of strategic planning in defining objectives, how to include employees in setting work objectives, defining success

Conducting Performance Appraisals – choosing an effective tool to measure performance, obtaining employee input, using your MBO to measure success, using the appraisal to motivate for excellence, developing effective rewards that are not just monetary

Presentation Skills for Reluctant Speakers – understanding your audience, developing realistic learning objectives, choosing presentation techniques that enhance your learning objectives, developing an evaluation tool, overcoming fear of public speaking

Managing Diversity – identify the role of personal experiences in perception and bias, increase sensitivity to the issues raised in a diverse work environment, dealing with prejudiced employees, recruiting for diversity, creating a workplace that fosters diversity of thought and workstyles

Priority Management – get out of the trap of making to do lists and start managing your resources in terms of importance to your goals. Incorporates whole-life priorities for successful living

Sharpening Your Hiring Abilities – recognize the temperament needed for the job, matching prospective employee temperament to the position, do’s and don’ts when asking questions, the impact of the ADA, common traps when hiring a new employee

Personal and Professional Burnout Prevention – the cycle of burnout, identify your triggers and response to stress, develop a personal prevention plan to avoid burnout, what to do if you are already experiencing burnout

Networking for Managers – the many benefits to networking include avoiding professional isolation, staying current in your field, implementing new ideas at the workplace, timesavings in not reinventing the wheel- learn the techniques for effective networking including the role of informational interviewing

Continuous Quality Improvement – an overview of the components involved in implementing a CQI process in your workplace- identifying the resources needed to begin an important and involved process of moving your workplace towards excellence

Effective Business Writing Skills – learn to write strong, concise memos, letters and winning proposals through a review of effective writing techniques

Sexual Harassment – know the laws, your responsibilities as a supervisor to create a save work environment, how to conduct an investigation

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